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Copying, Updating or Deleting Datawrapper Charts in Google Sheets™ With Wrapify

Compound your chart library

Whether building a chart library as an individual or as a team, Wrapify allows users to reduce time and inefficiencies through easy access to Datawrapper libraries. Rather than create a new chart, just copy an existing chart with the desired formatting. Likewise, updating one or more chart is simplified.

Datawrapper chart libraries can grow into substantial amounts of content. Our experience, however, has been the majority of data visualizations remain simple line, bar and column charts and tables. Until that changes, copying existing charts or using templates (future feature) helps reduce design and overall project time for data analysts.

Wrapify was built to help you scale your workflows in every way imaginable.

  1. Copy existing charts while maintaining formatting with a title change and single click

  2. Full access to entire chart library for easy recall, including connected and external charts

  3. Team concept provided by Datawrapper improves workflows and efficiences

  4. Update single charts or multiple charts at one

  5. Delete charts and manage library

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