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Creating Your First Datawrapper Chart, Table or Map With Wrapify

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Why use Wrapify versus existing options at Datawrapper?

Datawrapper is a wonderful platform. Great data visualizations and easy-to-use. We are big fans. But we are spreadsheet nerds. High volume users. Data hogs.

We found ourselves running into pain points managing data between Sheets™ and Datawrapper, so we created solutions. Datawrapper is integrated with Google Sheets™ to provide lower data visualization friction for power users:

  1. Native interface. Spreadsheet jockies don't like leaving their datasets.

  2. No manual copying and pasting of data

  3. Data is tagged to charts created with Wrapify for easy recall and organization

  4. Data uploads do not require wrangling into a single sheet, upload data to charts from any range inside your Sheet™

  5. Update multiple charts at once

  6. Easy library access for copying and updating

  7. Workflow options

  8. Data uploads on custom schedules

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