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Updating Datawrapper Chart Data With Wrapify's Scheduling

Here is where the magic happens.

Automation, if done right is powerful. It can help compound and scale workflows and work efforts. Data visualization and content creation automation is acutely powerful in the current moment. Paired-with API calls, AI data ingestion or wrangling or manual data updates, Wrapify provides the tools for data analysts and spreadsheet users to create auto-updating chart libraries.

Managing a large chart library is hard. Finding data, connecting charts to data and updating charts takes time and effort. Wrapify provides bespoke scheduling for chart updates. Set it and forget it. Wrapify users who can create API calls or database connectors to ingest data into Sheets™ can utilize Datawrapper for auto-updating chart libraries, that can then be scaled.

Imagine the Energy investment banking analyst team that creates tens of slide decks per week. Each presentation may likely have an oil price chart, that is recreated and updated repeatedly. With Wrapify that same chart can be created once, set on a schedule to update once daily and the entire team can access and use the content by dragging and dropping from the Wrapify sidebar.

Workflow efficiencies.

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