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Using Wrapify To Create Slide Decks or Reports From a DataWrapper Library

Google Slides™ users rejoice!

Google Slides™ is PowerPoint's little brother no longer. With a Datawrapper chart library and Wrapify, data visualization-heavy slide decks and reports have never been easier. PowerPoint has tools such as think-cell, Mekko Graphics and others, whereas Google Slides™ options have been far limited. No longer. Use cases are expansive. All companies can utilize Wrapify.

  1. Import Datawrapper chart library into Wrapify's Google Slides™ sidebar

  2. Easy search functionality

  3. Drag-and-drop to use content in slide decks or reports

  4. Schedule updates and emails with custom attachments

  5. Wrapify's dynamic text function allows for near fully-automated reporting

  6. Utilize Datawrapper and Wrapify in automated internal or external reporting

  7. Create visually striking slide decks

Click here to try for free.

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