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Wrapify - Integrating Datawrapper with Google Slides™ & Google Sheets™

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Like many software solutions before us Wrapify began as a way to solve our own pain points, in this case ingesting and visualizing data as spreadsheet junkies. No-coders. Data analysts.

Why can't data analysts compete with data scientists we thought. Spreadsheets are ubiquitous. They aren't going away. Spreadsheet 'coding' likely dwarfs any other programming language by users and installed bases. Big ideas run through ML and LLMs often start as small ideas with less expansive datasets - inside spreadsheets. Data visualizations allow those insights to be visualized and extracted.

Scaling data visualizations through easy and automated charts and content creation is the goal of Wrapify.

Datawrapper has the best combination of ease-of-use and quality of charts, maps and tables for data visualization in the world in our opinion. Datawrapper makes great charts. Wrapify integrates with their platform for great workflows and automations using Google APIs™.

Although we are Excel nerds, Google Sheets™ has a number of benefits versus Excel for data ingesting and querying, in our opinion. Apps Script, server runtime, scheduling options, easy API calls, and the query function, among others. MS Office versions of Wrapify are planned, but please enjoy the Google Workspace™ add-ons until then.

Wrapify integrates Datawrapper with Google Workspace™ products.

Google Slides™

  • Sidebar access to your Datawrapper library for image drag and drop functionality

  • Filtering of individual and team libraries - central library reduces redundancies

  • Dynamic text function for fully-automated reporting

  • Slide deck or reporting scheduling and automation

  • Email distribution for reporting in PDF, Slides and/or PPT format

Wrapify and Google Slides™ is easy to learn and compounds in its usefulness. Imagine Think Cell, Mekko Graphics and Crystal Reports wrapped into a product anyone can use and access.

Google Sheets™

  • Sidebar access to your Datawrapper library showing chart connections to data (Sheets and ranges)

  • Create, update and copy charts natively inside your spreadsheet

  • Update multiple charts simultaneously

  • Data and chart scheduling and automation

  • Workflow options

  • Custom chart functions - Mekko, Waterfall, etc.

  • Create key pairs for dynamic text

Wrapify chart creation inside Google Sheets™ is a significantly better experience than Google's™ own charts, in our opinion. Further, there is nothing that currently exists for Google Slides™ slide deck creation and reporting automation for the masses.

We hope you enjoy!

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