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Wrapify - Transitioning From Google Sheets™ to Google Slides™

Cross-product workflows.

Charts, maps and tables are created with Datawrapper's help inside Google Sheets™. Wrapify creates cross-product workflows, allowing users and teams to access work product from Sheets™ and Slides™ and eventually other Google Workspace™ products. These workflows are revolutionary rather than evolutionary. Get on the Wrapify train!

  1. Create Datawrapper charts, maps and tables inside Sheets™

  2. Immediate access for yourself or team members inside Sheets™ and Slides™ sidebars

  3. Cloud-based charts, slide decks and reports for team sharing

  4. Key value pairs from Sheets™ used for dynamic text in Slides™

  5. Work product from Datawrapper's web app automatically integrated

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